Armed Gang Attacks Casino in Mexico, Steals Almost $90K

Posted on: October 13, 2022, 07:03h. 

Last updated on: October 13, 2022, 07:03h.

Operating a casino comes with inherent risks because of all of the cash that’s in play, at least until cashless gaming becomes the norm. A recent assault of a casino in Mexico provides more support for the continued reduction of tangible currency in gaming facilities.

Mexican federal police
Mexican federal police out on patrol. A recent heist at a casino has the police searching for the rest of the gang of criminals after catching two. (Image: L.A. Times)

During the early hours of Wednesday, an armed commando broke into a Casino Life casino in the Juárez neighborhood of Mexico City. They tied up employees as they pilfered and plundered, but fortunately, no one was harmed.

The investigation is ongoing, but the police have a pretty good lead. They arrested two of the criminals shortly after the attack.

Gone In 60 Seconds

The perpetrators reportedly stole MXN1.3 million (US$65,013), as well as $20,000. They also took the employees’ personal belongings before making their getaway. The caper, which began at around 4 AM, was over in less than a minute.

When the employees were able to free themselves, they contacted the police, who immediately began an investigation. Piecing together surveillance footage from the casino, they were able to use surveillance cameras on the streets to help their case.

A few hours after the robbery, Omar García Harfuch, Mexico City’s secretary of public security, reported through Twitter that police had made progress. The camera footage had identified a vehicle, and police officers gave chase.

When they stopped the car, they arrested two people, recovered a firearm and six cell phones belonging to the casino employees. However, the two crooks didn’t have any of the cash from the heist.

García, who once survived an attempted assassination that left his vehicle with 414 bullet holes, specified that the authorities continue with the investigation. The two detainees could reveal more details to locate the rest of the gang.

Sometimes The House Wins

There have been plenty of casino heists over the years. Most of the time, they make the news, but sometimes, casinos also try to cover them up.

Perhaps it’s out of embarrassment or because they don’t want to become a repeat target. However, there are also times that the house wins, foiling a crime as it takes place.

An attempted armed robbery of the Crown Casino Riande Airport in Panama last month was thwarted by the National Police. Deputy Commissioner Matías Batista, head of the Don Bosco Police Zone, reported that on September 25, two people entered the casino, ready to make off with a bounty.

However, there were police in the area, who immediately arrived on the scene. The criminals exchanged gunfire with the units and escaped in a car they later ditched.

In the shootout, both received injuries. As a result, they made their way to a local hospital, which reported the gunshot wounds. After they were stitched up, the would-be robbers received handcuffs and a free ride to jail.


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