Casino Crime Round Up: Harrah’s Casino Visitor Allegedly Assaults Security Guards, Cops

Posted on: February 20, 2023, 09:25h. 

Last updated on: February 20, 2023, 09:25h.

A man at Harrah’s Casino in Joliet, Ill. was arrested Thursday after he allegedly repeatedly punched security guards and struggled with police officers.

Harrah's Joliet Casino Hotel
Harrah’s Joliet Casino Hotel, pictured above. A man was arrested on the casino floor for allegedly punching security guards and struggling with police officers. (Image:

Michael Knowles, 34, of New Lenox, Ill., was charged with aggravated battery and obstructing a police officer, according to Patch. He was booked at the Will County Jail and was eventually released from custody.

The incident began at about 11:30 p.m. when guards prevented Knowles from walking onto the gaming floor because he allegedly was intoxicated.

The guards tried to force Knowles to leave the casino, but Knowles allegedly punched one of the guards in the chest several times. Local police were called. The officers also got into a struggle with the suspect.

Iowa Casino Winner Allegedly Provides Fake ID

A man allegedly gave officials a false name when claiming money that he won at Iowa’s Rhythm City Casino.

Anthony Kueter, 31, of Davenport, was arrested recently on charges of forgery, two charges of gambling – avoid setup, and second-degree fraudulent practices, according to, a regional news site.

He was booked at the Scott County Jail. His bail was set at $21,000 and he is scheduled to appear in local court on February 28.

Kueter was at the Rhythm City Casino in Davenport on December 4 when he won $1,366 on a slot machine. He didn’t have an acceptable ID card to collect the money, so a cashier told him to return with proper identification.

The next day, he came back to the casino. He allegedly presented an ID for “Jake Evans” and a Social Security number. Both later turned out to be fraudulent, deputies said.

He then decided to play the slots again. He won about $1,250. Again, he allegedly used fake identification to collect the money, deputies said.

The fake ID was picked up in a review and a Scott County deputy apprehended Kueter on December 6 when he was driving his car.

In the car were three IDs for “Jake Evans.” He also had a Rhythm City Casino player’s card for “Jake Evans.”

Deputies seized the cards.

Kueter owes about $39,131 to the state of Iowa, according to the report. Iowa has a system in place so that eligible casino winnings are redirected to a state account if there is an amount due.

Casino Robbed in Billings, Mont.

Billings, Mont.’s Magic Diamond Casino was robbed on February 12.

An unspecified weapon was used during the evening holdup, police said.

The suspects were later spotted in a getaway car. Local police chased the vehicle, until the car was stopped.

Police apprehended three suspects. They were identified as Herodias Hernandez, 42, Sammie Rose Big Hawk, 38, and Hershel John Hill, 35, according to NonStopLocal, a regional news organization.

Each of the three suspects were charged with robbery and other assorted counts. 

Hernandez was driving the car during the chase, police said.

Police did not reveal the amount of money stolen from the casino.

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