Grosvenor Casino ‘Croupier of the Year,’ Girlfriend Found Murdered

Posted on: December 23, 2022, 03:48h. 

Last updated on: December 23, 2022, 03:48h.

Tragedy has struck a young couple just days before Christmas. A croupier in the UK, Nino Calabró, and his girlfriend, Francesco Di Dio, were found murdered in an apartment after suddenly dropping out of site.

Nino Calabró
Nino Calabró and Francesco Di Dio in social media photos. Police found the lifeless bodies of the UK-based croupier and his girlfriend in his apartment this past Wednesday. (Image: Italy 24)

The 25-year-old croupier, originally from Italy, had been living in the UK and working at the Grosvenor Casino in Stockton since December 2019. He was recently named the casino’s croupier of the year, according to media outlet La Stampa.

The two Italians were engaged and were found dead in an apartment on Wednesday. Di Dio didn’t live in the UK, but only traveled there to spend the holidays with her boyfriend.

Motive Still Not Clear

Police are continuing their investigation, but have already arrested a suspect. Initially, they questioned a 21-year-old of Iranian nationality, a roommate of Calabró, but reportedly found no connection between him and the crime.

Although investigators haven’t released any additional details, another former Italian roommate of Calabró is in custody. Per normal police procedures, authorities aren’t releasing details about his identity.

For days, neither Calabrio nor Di Dio had returned phone calls from friends and relatives. This led to anxious calls to the local authorities to have a closer look.

When police made a welfare check at the apartment where Calabró had been living, they found two bodies. However, they wouldn’t confirm that they were the two young Italians. Calabró had been living in England for three years after beginning his casino career at a croupier school in Italy.

Some police officers searched the apartment for hours that day, while others patrolled the entire area. The searches weren’t very successful as, according to media reports, clues that might determine the motive behind the crime remain scarce.

That has led to a request for assistance. Chief Inspector of Police Peter Carr has sent out a public call for any information about anyone acting suspiciously in the area on the day of the murders.

The Grosvenor Casino Stockton issued a statement about the incident, explaining that its staff is working with the police as best it can to try to help unravel the mystery.

Hope For Swift Justice

The fact that the authorities have already taken someone into custody, although there are still no formal charges, is a step in the right direction. Over the years, there have been a number of casino-related murders, some of which are still waiting for resolution.

One is the case of Peter “Buster” Bufala. When an assailant or assailants gunned him down in October 1976, he was working at the then-MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas as a baccarat dealer.

As reported by local media outlet KSNV, upon arriving home after his late shift, someone shot him as he exited his car. To this day, there is still no information on who may have done it or why.

Some believe he was skimming from the casino. Others believe his murder was an attempt to silence him to prevent him from reporting that skimming was taking place.

There have been suspects along the way, including his own father-in-law. However, a complete lack of evidence has made it impossible to prosecute. Hopefully, the young murdered Italian couple will find justice.

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