The Impossible Parlay: Both NY Jets and NY Giants To Make Playoffs

Posted on: December 7, 2022, 01:05h. 

Last updated on: December 7, 2022, 01:05h.

Navigating the New York sports gambling laws can be tricky. Navigating the parlay restrictions is beyond frustrating.

There are nine sportsbooks operating legally in the Empire State, and not one of them will accept the parlay of both the Jets and Giants making the playoffs. And it is not like this is a high-risk bet. The Giants are -120 and the Jets are -105, and as we enter the final five weeks of the season, it is the only thing New York football fans (outside of Buffalo) are talking about, aside from Odell Beckham Jr.

The Jets’ excruciating loss to the Minnesota Vikings and the Giants’ frustrating tie against the Washington Commanders created some wonky mathematical possibilities in terms of tiebreakers. Should there be another tie among playoff contenders over the remainder of the regular season, we are going to have to draft Copernicus to figure this stuff out.

Neither the Giants nor Jets are considered a serious division contender anymore, especially the Giants, because they play in the NFC East with the mighty Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. The Giants are +10000 to win the division, while the Jets are +1800 because they can still get there if they win out, which would involve defeating the Bills, Seahawks, and Dolphins on the road, and winning at home against Indianapolis and Seattle.

Only the Colts game could be considered a gimme. But the team is different under the direction of new starting quarterback Mike White, and an upset victory on the road in Buffalo next Sunday would give the Jets the head-to-head tiebreaker and leave them a half-game behind the Bills. A win over the Dolphins in the season finale would give the Jets the 2-0 season sweep tiebreaker there, hence the relatively short odds.

Whether you are a Jets or a Giants fan, there is a part of your psyche that wants to see both teams make the postseason for one of two reasons:

  • The infintesimal chance that they might meet in the SuperBowl.
  • The opportunity to wager among friends that first team to lose requires the gentleman’s bet loser to wear the other team’s gear.

PointsBet usually has an exact Super Bowl matchup line, but that has been taken down. BetMGM offers exact Super Bowl matchup, with Jets vs. Giants at +175000 (the likeliest is Bills vs. Eagles at +700).

But a parlay of the Jets and Giants both making the postseason?

Here is what you get:


That parlay is unavailable. Why? Customer service at DraftKings in New York is handled by a bot, and it is impossible to get a human in the chat room.

Fan Duel:

Fan Duel’s explanation: After waiting exactly one hour in the chat queue, the system automatically logged off. This after going from No. 30 in the queue to No. 12 in the queue. FD is clearly spending more of its money on advertising than on hiring and keeping competent customer service agents. In New Jersey, this would not be a problem, because phone support is mandatory. Another reason why New York’s law needs to be amended.



Paging J.B. Smoove. Please discuss this at your next televised dinner party with the Manning brothers: Why is it that the Jets to make the playoffs is offered, but the Giants to make the playoffs is not? Yes, it is nice that there is an appetizing +400000 line on the Giants to defeat the Jets in the Super Bowl, and the same line for the Jets to defeat the Giants. But almost everyone else is offering the Giants yes/no prop, and Mighty Caesar has taken that off our plates. Why?


No props on make or miss the playoffs. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

But they have this:

And no, D.C. is not a part of Maryland, for all of those who believe the Commanders are destined. You take Maryland, and you are riding with the Ravens only. Which is silly, because BetMGM is offering the Ravens to win the championship at +2200. You cannot make this stuff up.


They have a feature called “Name a Bet” in which any bet that is not listed can be requested. A couple of years ago, they would set a line on just about anything. Now? They routinely turn it down.

A bet slip with a two-bet parlay of Jets and Giants to both make the playoffs returned an error message that you “cannot parlay bets from the same game.” So we went to the live chat support and were told: “Having checked, the markets you are looking for to place in a parlay is not allowed for parlays, as this is under the NFL Future bets, which is only available for single receipt bet.” Um, OK.

Just for kicks, we asked for a line on Odell Beckham Jr. to win MVP. Their response: “As per your request, we are not offering the Odell Beckham Jr. for MVP market, unfortunately.”

So we asked: “Why not?”

“I’m afraid we do not have specific details on this, as this is under the Traders discretion why we are not offering this market,” was the reply

Perhaps the trader was influenced by the fact that Beckham still has not signed with anyone? That may be the case. But an answer with both specifics and proper English was not forthcoming at this book. So surreal and confounding, it made us feel like we were in this video.


They do not offer any wagers on make/miss the playoffs. They have the Giants and Jets at +10000 to win the SuperBowl. Also, the tabs for “conference” and “divisions” were not working. Can you say MaximBet 2.0?


We thought we were getting somewhere with these folks, because they actually gave us a price: +269. But they would not take the bet.

The person on live chat gave this explanation. Think word salad.

“Okay, so our sports book provider sets criteria based on how much wagering activity/exposure they’re willing to take at any given time, for any given game. They reserve the right to dynamically review bets and evaluate the outcomes they’re willing to allow individual bettors to stake or place on a contest. This is a process enacted on all regulated Sportsbooks.”

ResortsWorld Bet

Same error message that we got at PointsBet: “Parlay not available: Can’t parlay bets from the same game. Same Game Parlays can be built directly for some games.”

Chat agent Jack explained: “That is a house rule, the reason for this is the game you are trying to put on a parlay will be settled longer time. This means if you got 3 parlays 2 of them are either live or pre-game the whole ticket will not be settled until the future game or outright will be settled. Your parlay will be settled longer that is why outright markets is not allowed to parlays.”

Somewhere, an English teacher is cringing.


Still not offering futures bets of any type. Word on the street is that they are getting sold.

Bottom line: If you want to bet on the Jets and Giants to both make the playoffs, tough luck, hombre. We will touch on this topic again after the state legislature reconvenes next month and sports gambling law changes are proposed.


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