What Las Vegas Shows Really Cost Now

Posted on: November 28, 2022, 06:27h. 

Last updated on: November 28, 2022, 07:52h.

If it’s been a while since you splurged for a Las Vegas show or concert, you may find it shocking how much everyone else’s notion of splurging has changed. When even Congress is discussing ticket prices, you know it’s a real issue for real people.

To give you an accurate sense of today’s prices, we picked a random day next year to check what seeing the most popular Las Vegas concerts and shows would cost if you bought tickets today. And we included the shows that are officially sold out – because that’s only a small technicality in today’s resale marketplace.

Taylor Swift
Thanks to Ticketmaster, the audience for Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’ – which plays Allegiant Stadium on March 24 and 25, 2023 – will consist mostly of fans wealthy enough to afford its exorbitant resale ticket prices. (Image: gq-magazine.co.uk)

Actually, our day wasn’t all that random. Friday, March 24, 2023 is one of only two nights when the two most popular ticket draws of 2023 so far, Taylor Swift and Adele, will overlap in Las Vegas. And, as you’ll soon discover, there are many other cool, but way less expensive, Vegas entertainment options that day, too. Our list includes musicians and comedians playing residencies and one-off concerts, as well as resident production shows.

We organized our findings according to the price of decent seats – from which the performer’s face is clearly visible without the aid of binoculars or a video screen. All ticket prices are through Ticketmaster, unless noted.

$1,000 and Up

Taylor Swift, Allegiant Stadium: There are no tickets available through Ticketmaster, which never got around to making them available to the general public. (Oops!) On Stubhub, the closest available seats are 23 rows from the stage in Section A3 on the floor. They’ll set you back $3,600 each, while the very last rows of the stadium are priced at $387. Seats just off the floor, in the 100s, are priced at $1,000-$1,800 each.

“Weekends With Adele,” Caesars Palace: Again, this is a Stubhub-only situation. The only Row A seats available for this night are in Section 105, just to the (stage right) of the stage, for $8,280. Tickets for the upper (second) balcony are the cheapest you’ll find, for $799-$987 each. Owners of lower balcony seats want between $990-$1,500 each. Seats from the back to the middle of the floor are $1,500 to $2,300.

$500 and Up

Maroon 5, Park MGM: Sitting 12 rows back in the second section will run you $416.50, or $637 for 12 rows from a stage that juts out to a point exactly where those seats are. Seats in the upper balcony are priced at $95 each.

$250 and Up

John Mellencamp, Wynn Las Vegas: He was born in a small town. Now, he’s playing a small theater. Rear balcony tickets are selling for $154, while $324 will pace you fifth row stage right. Ticketmaster is only selling resale tickets for this show.

Luke Bryan, Resorts World: The country star’s residency, for which Ticketmaster is also only selling resale tickets, will set you between $155 and $298 for a rear “mezzanine” (really a balcony). The lowest price for a “balcony” (really a second balcony) ticket is $126. But you want to be closer.

$100 and Up

Rick Springfield, Strat: The best seat on Ticketmaster, which is selling this residency resale only, is $199 for Section C. But there’s no seat map showing the location of Section C. (Tickets for sections D and E are $131 and $135, so they must not be as good.)

Foreigner, the Venetian: Seats in the middle of the audience for this class-rock residency are priced at $108, while $55 gets you in the back and $137.57 in the front.

Barry Manilow, Westgate: Good seats in the middle of audience cost $104.99, while nosebleeds run $54.99, and you’re practically sharing Barry’s piano stool for $340.

David Copperfield, MGM: Tickets for the veteran magician are $81.69 in the rear, $230.32 in the front row, and $111.96 in the middle.

Daniel Tosh, The Mirage: Ticketmaster only has tickets to see the racy comedian for $112.98. But mirage.mgmresorts.com has decent seats for $79.99, and the closest ones for $99.99.

Donny Osmond, Harrah’s: Tables and booths in the middle of the audience go for $99. In the back, they’re $69. And if you want Marie’s view, that’s $175-$295.

“Cirque du Soleil – The Beatles Love,” The Mirage: Decent seats start at $148.30 in the middle, going as high as $248.30 for the front. But you don’t need to be in the front. In fact, being in the very back, for $87, has its own advantages.

“Cirque du Soleil – O,” Bellagio: You’ll want the first balcony, for $117.72. The rear balcony is $98.22 and more than $20 in value farther.

“Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson — One,” Mandalay Bay: Decent seats can be had for $118.22. Or you can pay $88.22 to sit up top, or $199.22 up front.

“Awakening,” Wynn Las Vegas: This new production show is in the round, with only 1,600 seats, so there aren’t any bad ones. But prices range from $125 to $190.

“Absinthe,” Caesars Palace: The prices range from $155 to $191.74, but any of the seats are good.

$50 and Up

Tesla, House of Blues, Mandalay Bay: $59.50 gets you in to see these ’80s metal stalwarts general admission, while seats in Section 207 go for $89.50.

Miranda Lambert, Planet Hollywood: Sections 203-206 are $79 each, with $299 getting you in the front row for this country crooner’s residency.

“America’s Got Talent,” Luxor: Ticket prices range from $62.72 to $142.72, but all theaters at the Luxor are small and, thus, all seats are decent.

Carrot Top, Luxor: Seats in the back for this unduly knocked comedian grab $48.72. In the very front, they’re $83.72. (See “America’s Got Talent” above.)

Blue Man Group, Luxor: The farthest seats from the stage are $62.72, the nearest $119.27. (Once again, see “America’s Got Talent,” above.)

“Piff the Magic Dragon,” Flamingo: Decent seats are $62.95, though for $78, you can sit right in front.

“Freestyle Love Supreme,” The Venetian: Seats for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new Vegas production are $45.83 in the back, $100.87 in the front, and $82.52 for a decent view in the middle.

Jabbawockeez, MGM Grand: Seats are $58.20 in the back and $118.21, but this is a very small theater, so the back is still the front of most theaters.

Mac King, Excalibur: All seats for this kid-friendly comedy magic show costs $50.95.

“Mad Apple” by Cirque du Soleil, New York-New York: Tickets start at $25, but you’ll want at least an $88 view. If you need up close, it’s $163.

“Bat Out of Hell The Musical,” Paris Las Vegas: This tribute to Meat Loaf has no bad seats, which range in price from $52 to $122.

“Magic Mike Live,” Sahara: This unique show, based on a reality show about male strippers, has no bad seats, with prices ranging from $69 to $139.

“Menopause The Musical,” Harrah’s: Seats are $63.90-$89.21 for this long-running comedy, but this is a tiny theater.

Nathan Burton’s magic show will cost you $50 per ticket, as will “Vegas! The Show.” Both are at the Saxe Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood, as is Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, the lowest-priced decent ticket on our list at $40.

Source: casino.org

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