Alleged Caesars Palace Kidnapper Says Amount of Meth He Took was Suitable ‘for a 12-Year-Old’ –

Alleged Caesars Palace Kidnapper Says Amount of Meth He Took was Suitable 'for a 12-Year-Old' -

Posted on: July 14, 2023, 01:41h. 

Last updated on: July 14, 2023, 01:54h.

In a bizarre jailhouse interview, Matthew Mannix — the 35-year-old Golden, Colo. resident who allegedly held a woman hostage at Caesars Palace for six hours on Tuesday, July 11 — claimed the cause of his erratic behavior was “a psychotic episode” and not the drugs he and his alleged hostage had binged on for several days leading up to the incident.

“We did a small amount of meth,” Mannix told KLAS-TV/Las Vegas. “Enough for like a teenager, not even that much. Maybe, you know a 12-year-old could’ve done this much.”

Alleged kidnapper Matthew Mannix makes his first appearance in Las Vegas Justice Court on Wednesday. (Image: KLAS-TV)

KLAS also broke the news that Mannix will be extradited to his home state — where he was convicted of kidnapping last year — after he faces the same charge in Clark County.

Check out the interview:

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Also in the interview, Mannix also offered his reason for busting out the window in his Octavius Tower guest suite to drop several pieces furniture 21 floors onto a Caesars Palace pool deck below, causing $50K in damages.

Matthew Mannix is shown in his Caesars Palace guest room on Tuesday where he allegedly held a woman hostage. (Image: KVVU-TV/Las Vegas)

“I thought the furniture was … pretty worn out,” he explained. “I just thought I was doing everybody a favor by throwing it out the window.”

Fortunately, no one was injured by the falling objects since the area was evacuated by police.

Mannix stated that his reason for coming to Las Vegas was to escape the “false” kidnapping conviction he received in Colorado. Though he pleaded guilty, Mannix explained: “I didn’t actually kidnap her. She was just in my apartment, and the cops came, and I barricaded us inside.”

Mannix also made a public plea to remain in Las Vegas.

“I really want to stay,” he told KLAS. “Please let me stay, don’t make me leave, please. I love it here, it’s the best town in the world.”

Mannix also claimed to have stayed at the STRAT on Sunday — until he was kicked out of the resort on Monday.

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