Here’s Why Scantily Clad Women Brawled on a Las Vegas Casino Floor –

Here’s Why Scantily Clad Women Brawled on a Las Vegas Casino Floor -

Posted on: July 21, 2023, 10:14h. 

Last updated on: July 21, 2023, 10:45h.

It’s not every day that videos go viral featuring a woman being dragged off a motorized scooter in a luxury casino resort as another woman yanks her attacker’s hair. So, when you find out why it occurred, this becomes news.

OnlyFans model Danielle Pertusiello pins another woman to the carpet at Wynn Las Vegas on July 9. (Image: Splash News)

The melee, which also featured face-punching and shoe-throwing, occurred on July 9 after one of the combatants recognized a woman walking through Wynn Las Vegas as the OnlyFans model who was cheating with her husband, according to a police report obtained by Fox News.

OnlyFans is a London-based subscription service primarily used by sex workers to produce porn. It also hosts the work of content creators such as physical fitness trainers and musicians.

Footage of the brawl landed several Instagram and TikTok videos more than 5 million views each. Here’s a compilation of videos posted by Britain’s Daily Mail, which originally broke the story.


Daniella Pertusiello, 24, is an OnlyFans model. (Image: Daniella Lynn / Twitter)

Danielle Pertusiello, 24, was the OnlyFans model in the cream-colored miniskirt that got hiked up around her waist as she pinned a woman in cut-off jeans and a black-and-white halter top to the carpet.

Due to redactions in the police report, it’s unclear whether the pinned woman or a blonde woman in white sweatpants who ran up and punched Collado, who was the spurned wife. The blonde woman was also the one attacked on her motorized scooter.

Pertusiello told officers the fight began when she and her friend, Amanda Collado, 29, were entering a casino bathroom and both were “hit from behind by closed fists in the back of the head.”

“Danielle turned and immediately recognized” her attacker as the wife of the married man she had been cheating with, according to the report.

As police noted, security footage told a different story: that the spurned wife and her friend had merely tapped Pertusiello and Collado on the shoulders when they entered the casino.

Almost instantaneously, “all four females start throwing punches at each other,” according to the report.

The two-timing husband, whose name was also redacted, wasn’t in town to witness the incident, or else things could have gotten even more Jerry Springer-like.

Blow by Blow

An unidentified woman on a motorized scooter is attacked during the melee. (Image: Splash News)

It’s unclear which part of the fight happened first, though it is clear how the fight ended — with a security guard tackling Pertusiello to the ground.

Pertusiello and Collado were cited by Las Vegas police for disorderly conduct and released, though their attackers apparently got off scot-free. According to Fox News, officers tried interviewing the spurned wife, but she had vacated the hotel and wouldn’t answer her cell phone.

The viral videos all begin mid-fight. Some show Pertusiello pinning the woman in cut-off jeans and the halter as a male bystander tries breaking up the fight. Others show Pertusiello dragging the blonde in sweatpants off her motorized scooter as the woman in cut-off jeans and a halter yanks on the OnlyFans model’s hair.

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