Kanye West Praises Hitler, Oddsmakers Still Think Ye Has Shot at US Presidency

Posted on: December 2, 2022, 12:41h. 

Last updated on: December 1, 2022, 05:58h.

Kanye West, the controversial rapper and former husband to Kim Kardashian who now goes by simply “Ye,” is seemingly amid a mental breakdown or serious psychological illness. Things went from bad to worse on Thursday, as the nonsensical celebrity made his most antisemitic comments to date.

Kanye West 2024 odds US presidency Alex Jones
Kanye West in Los Angeles on Nov. 27, 2022. West continues to spew antisemitic remarks publicly, his latest being in support of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. (Image: Getty)

In October, West lost his spot on Forbes’ list of billionaires after Adidas terminated its branding partnership with the rapper. That’s after he made a series of antisemitic comments. Forbes slashed Ye’s net worth from north of $1.9 billion to $400 million.

Despite the financial backlash, West only doubled down on his prejudice against Jewish people during an interview today with right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his Infowars website.

I see good things about Hitler,” West told Jones during the interview, which included Holocaust denier, Nick Fuentes. “Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.”

When Jones continued the conversation by declaring that the Nazis were thugs, West interjected, “But they did good things, too. We have to stop dissing Nazis all the time. I liked Hitler.”

2024 Odds Seemingly Short

Legal betting on political outcomes in the US is limited to peer-to-peer wagering exchanges like PredictIt and Smarkets. But in the UK and throughout much of Europe, placing a political wager is a cherished pastime.

UK bookmakers are already taking considerable action on the 2024 US presidential election. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (+225), former President Donald Trump (+350), and current President Joe Biden (+350) are presently the betting front-runners.

But along with the candidates who have a legitimate chance, UK oddsmakers have traditionally included long odds on the unlikeliest of folks. And for the 2024 US presidency, West is among the list of silly bets being offered.

The surprising part, however, is that West’s 2024 odds aren’t that long. Leading betting house William Hill has Kanye at just 250/1 (+25,000) to become POTUS come January 2025.

Though that line gives Kanye only a 0.4% implied chance of winning come 2024, the line should likely be considerably longer, given his recent bouts of antisemitism.

Funny Lines Not So Funny Anymore

UK oddsmakers were once notorious for offering lines on unlikely candidates like West, as well as random novelties like whether U2’s Bono would become the next pope. Those Bono odds in 2017 were 1000/1.

The funny business was a bookmaking pillar overseas for many decades. But it’s slowed considerably in recent years.

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power caused a slew of controversy in 2008 after it offered odds on whether President Barack Obama would be assassinated during his first term. Eight years later, Paddy Power found more controversy when it advertised its 2016 US presidential betting market with Trump favored and a caption reading, “Orange is the New Black?”

UK bookies took much money from bettors who plopped down a quid on the unlikeliest of political longshots for years. But Trump’s victory in 2016 changed everything.

Trump, who fielded an unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2000, wasn’t considered a serious candidate among the political elite when he entered the 2016 race. When the former casino magnate announced his intentions to seek the White House in 2015, oddsmakers gave him a less than 1% chance.

That long line ended up costing the books handsomely after Trump edged Hillary Clinton the following November. Six years later, UK oddsmakers haven’t forgotten the costly reality of an extraordinary longshot winning.

And that’s presumably why West is at only 250/1 to win in 2024 instead of a more realistic line in the neighborhood of several million to one.

Source: casino.org

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