Katy Perry Fans Outraged by Viral Video from Las Vegas Show

Katy Perry Fans Outraged by Viral Video from Las Vegas Show

Posted on: April 15, 2023, 07:13h. 

Last updated on: April 15, 2023, 09:12h.

A video shot during Katy Perry’s “Play” residency at Resorts World on Friday night stoked a Twitter tempest when it was posted, apparently out of context, on Saturday morning. The clip shows the singer performing her song, “Swish Swish,” as someone simulates licking and fondling her.

A screen capture of the video that sent hundreds of Katy Perry fans into a tizzy on Saturday. (Image: Twitter)

So far, more than 330,000 people have viewed the video, posted by Twitter user @Thomasde_groot along with the words, “Help? @katyperry.”

Hundreds of commenters expressed outrage over a male fan being allowed to sexually molest their idol.

“This is harassment,” tweeted @Ukeathornrose.

“That’s rude and such a pervert…they shoulve protect[sic] her,” @Februhh added.

“This is awkward and I think it was disrespectful to her… there are limits of respecting the privacy of people and this was way off the limit,” tweeted @loveperrysk.

Katy Perry’s choreographers, Ashley Evans and Antony Ginandjar of The Squared Division, pose for a publicity photo in 2013. The duo has also worked with Taylor Swift and Ke$ha. (Image: dancemagazine.com.au)

Teapot Tempest?

The “fan,” it turns out, was apparently Antony Ginandjar of The Squared Division, the duo who choreographed both Perry’s “Play” residency and “Witness” tour. According to attendees of the concert who tried calming the outraged KatyCats, Perry invited him on stage to compete in a dance-off against a real fan who won a contest that was part of the show.

A post in the reddit group r/popculturechat — headlined “Katy Perry Fan Under Fire for ‘Feeling Her Up’ During Last Night’s Las Vegas Show” — was removed by the subreddit’s moderators, who issued a reprimand: “This is her choreographer. We are not a cancel culture sub(reddit).”

Even after the reality of the situation was explained to the Twitter mob, many refused to take comfort.

“Ohhh,” @loveperrysk commented after the identity of the “harasser” was revealed, “but even he invaded too much her privacy.”

“OK can we stop saying he’s a choreographer now cause I have seen enough,” commented @teenageheaven. “He touched her p**** too, she was clearly uncomfy and got up. This isn’t ok.”

Other Perry Incidents

Perry is no stranger to allegations of sexual harassment involving co-workers. The first time, however, she was the one accused of it. In 2019, John Kloss — her male co-star in the 2010 music video for “Teenage Dream” — wrote a since-deleted Instagram post accusing Perry of pulling off his Adidas sweats and underwear backstage at one of her shows, he wrote, “to show a couple of her guy friends, and the crowd around us, my penis. Can you imagine how pathetic and embarrassed I felt?”

Perry also blew up the internet when video was posted to Instagram of a creepy eye glitch she displayed last October. In that video, her right eye seemed to open and close uncontrollably. Many social-media commenters speculated that she might be a cyborg. Later, she revealed it to be just her “broken doll eye party trick.”

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