Rivers Casino Des Plaines Holdup, Kidnapping Lead to Two Arrests in Illinois

Posted on: January 10, 2023, 08:57h. 

Last updated on: January 10, 2023, 08:57h.

Two men were arrested last week after they allegedly robbed a third man at Illinois’s Rivers Casino Des Plaines parking lot. The bandits stole the victim’s money, cellphone, and keys.

Rivers Casino Des Plaines
Rivers Casino Des Plaines in Illinois. (Image: Rivers Casino Des Plaines)

Before Thursday’s incident was over, the victim also was forced to ride in his car, a Toyota Prius, while one of the bandits drove the vehicle.

The suspects, Curtis Rollins, 31, of Evanston, Ill., and Kadeem Burton, 32 of Chicago, were later arrested for aggravated kidnapping and aggravated vehicular hijacking, according to Journal & Topics Media Group, a regional news organization.

Rollins and Burton both allegedly searched the victim’s pockets. They stole $1,900 that was found in his wallet, police said.

After the duo ordered the victim to sit down in the passenger seat of the Prius, Rollins began driving the car.

The car was driven a short distance to a nearby parking lot. Rollins then fled from the vehicle.

Surveillance video showed that the incident began when Burton and Rollins drove to the gaming property in a Toyota 4-Runner. The pair exited the vehicle. They walked to a parking lot.

While there, the victim was spotted heading to the Prius. It was parked in the lot. Then, the robbery took place.

Around the time Rollins rode in the victim’s car, Burton returned to the Toyota 4-Runner. It left the area. A third suspect was driving the 4-Runner.

It was later stopped by police. Inside were the unnamed driver, Burton and still another person, also unidentified.

Burton later told police he and Rollins had planned to rob someone, and Rollins had a handgun during the holdup.

Police were also told that Rollins had gone to his relative’s residence in Glenview. He later was apprehended there by police.

Both Rollins and Burton appeared in the Cook County Courthouse following their arrest. The other two people did not appear to have been charged.

Prior Casino Crimes

Last month, more than a dozen employee paychecks from Rivers Casino Des Plaines were stolen from the mail and improperly cashed.

The incident came to light after the payroll department at the casino noticed that some checks mailed to employees were improperly cashed.

They had their values and payable parties illegally altered.

Cheating Alleged

Also, on December 19, casino security guards caught a gambler allegedly cheating while playing baccarat.

Christian Savitz, 35, of Waukegan, Ill. was charged with theft by deception. Savitz allegedly moved his chips to a winning section of the felt while the dealer was distracted.

That led to Savitz attempting to cash out his winnings, but he was stopped by security guards. If found guilty, he could be sentenced to as much as seven years in prison.

Drunk Poker Player

Also, last May, a 52-year-old drunk gambler at Rivers Casino was arrested. He allegedly shoved a security guard and uttered obscenities to security staff.

Cory Herlihy of Citrus Heights, Calif. had won an undisclosed amount of money at a poker table. But he was allegedly intoxicated, so casino security staff asked Herlihy to leave the property.

A dispute and confrontation ensued. Herlihy allegedly shoved one guard in the chest. He later was charged with battery.

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