Washington State Elderly Casino Winner Followed, Beaten, Robbed

Posted on: October 12, 2022, 06:03h. 

Last updated on: October 12, 2022, 06:03h.

An 81-year-old woman was tailed home after an evening of gambling at Washington State’s Muckleshoot Casino last week. Once there, a robber struck her in the head and stole her purse. Inside was $1,200.

Washington State’s Muckleshoot Casino
Washington State’s Muckleshoot Casino slot machines, pictured above. A woman was followed from the casino and robbed. She was also assaulted. (Image: TripAdvisor)

As the sole robber approached her, the victim fell to the ground outside of her house. That is when the bandit began to assault her.

She suffered several bruises and cuts from the attack, according to KIRO, a local TV station. The victim required treatment at a local hospital but is likely to recover.

The bandit initially began following her at the casino located in Auburn, Wash. He continued to tail her for 14 miles all the way to her Renton, Wash. residence. The robber may have had a weapon that night, the victim later told police.

$5K Stolen from Casino Employee

Local police also told KIRO this week that a 59-year-old Renton woman last month was also assaulted and robbed at her house after being at a casino.

The victim works at the Macau Casino in Tukwila, Wash., and the attack took place after she got home.

Two men assaulted her and robbed $5,000 from her, police said. Details on her injuries were not immediately available.

So far, police do not see the two incidents as being connected. But both happened at night and involved violence.

A Renton police spokesperson told the TV station if any driver suspects someone is following him or her to get immediately to a police station. Or drive to someplace in public where someone can call police.

Casino officials have also suggested receiving winnings in the form of a check, not cash, and having security staff accompany a winner back to their parked car.

The advice is applicable across the nation. There are several prior incidents where robbers have followed casino winners and later robbed and assaulted them.

Prior Robberies of Casino Winners

For instance, in April 2021, a 74-year-old Win-River Resort & Casino winner was robbed and dragged from her car in front of her Redding, Calif. home. The holdup took place shortly after she left the nearby casino also in Redding.

The suspects began to follow her on the casino floor. Later, she left, got into her car and drove home. The duo followed her all the way to her residence.

She had not yet gotten out of her car, when one of bandits walked over to her. A man pulled out a handgun. He then ordered her to hand over her purse. The two struggled.

He eventually got hold of the purse, but not before the victim was pulled out of the car. She suffered a cut on her arm.

The suspect then fled to a nearby car which soon sped away. Police later arrested the two suspects.

In addition, on June 14 a man who won about $53,000 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa also was tailed from the casino. Robbers followed him back to his Florida hotel.

The victim had taken a taxi back to the hotel. One of the suspects followed him inside. Once inside, the bandit grabbed a paper bag holding the winnings and began to run toward an awaiting Alfa Romeo.

But the gambler ran after the robber. He was able to tackle the bandit outside of the hotel.

The two started to wrestle. Suddenly, another suspect drove the Alfa Romeo to the hotel entrance, darted out of the car and pulled the victim off the first suspect. Eventually, both suspects were able to flee.

Also, in July, two other bandits forced an Iowa casino winner off the road in Des Moines and stole over $10,000 from her, police said.

One of the suspects approached the car, then allegedly broke her driver’s side window, opened the driver’s door, and yanked her purse out of the car. Inside was the money she had just won while playing at Prairie Meadows Casino in Altoona, Iowa.

At least one of the robbers was arrested.

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