Washington State Woman Celebrates 106th Birthday With Casino Visit

Posted on: December 29, 2022, 05:20h. 

Last updated on: December 29, 2022, 05:20h.

Bertha “Bea” Engstler recently turned 106. She celebrated her milestone birthday by playing the slots at a local casino in Washington State.

Bertha “Bea” Engstler
Bertha “Bea” Engstler, pictured above. The youthful 106-year-old recently had a birthday. She celebrated by visiting a casino and enjoyed KFC chicken. (Image: KING)

In fact, trying her luck on slot machines is one of the Northgate, Wash. resident’s favorite pastimes. She also enjoys bingo.

She loves the casino, so this birthday party is going to hit the road,” Engstler’s daughter Cyndi Green told KING, a local TV station, while at a pre-casino party for her mom at a senior facility.

Other hobbies over the years have included skiing and fly fishing. But gambling has taken over those outdoor activities as the years progressed.

Before going to the gaming property, Engstler had a party with friends and relatives at Northgate Plaza Senior Living, KING reported on Tuesday.

KFC Chicken, Potatoes, Cupcakes

The menu was her favorite meal: takeout fried chicken and mashed potatoes from KFC.

Chocolate cupcakes were topped with vanilla icing. The birthday cake had white frosting, too. In pink letters it said, “Happy 106th Birthday Bea!”

One of the staff members at the senior living center put on a Colonel Sanders outfit as he hand-delivered to Engstler her birthday meal.

Engstler even sported a KFC party hat and wore colorful beads. She smiled and laughed many times during the celebration. There was music and dancing for those seniors who wanted to cut a rug.

Born in Iowa in 1916, she was the youngest of nine children. She relocated in her earlier days to Washington State.

When asked by a local reporter what is her secret to long life, Engstler responded, her daughter and son-in-law “keep me young.”

Green did admit her mom is “very stubborn.” When asked what do you give a 106-year-old for her birthday, Green responded, “You don’t. You do what she likes.”

No word if Engstler hit the jackpot on her birthday. But when asked at her party what is her favorite game to play at the casino, she firmly responded, “slots.”

Seniors Like Slots

She is not alone. Many seniors who visit casinos like to play the slot machines. Of course, there is the draw that a player could win money and prizes.

They also are easy to play, especially compared to table games.

There are visual and sound effects with slots, too. They “create compelling gameplay loops that provide near-endless hours of entertainment for seniors,” according to a recent online report from BetMGM.

“Most slot games don’t require much from the player in terms of investment, regardless of whether we’re talking about time, energy or money.”

Most slots use $1, $2 or maybe $5 bets.

“This makes slots ideal for players for whom the longevity of the experience is a top priority,” the report said.

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