Casino Gambler in Argentina Attacks Security After Run of Bad Luck

Posted on: February 10, 2023, 08:11h. 

Last updated on: February 10, 2023, 08:11h.

Wednesday night wasn’t a good night for one particular gambler in Argentina. Not happy with his run of bad luck at a casino’s slot machines, he went into a rage, damaging equipment and attacking the police officers who tried to step in.

Casino del Rio Cipolletti in Rio Negro, Argentina
Casino del Rio Cipolletti in Rio Negro, Argentina at night. A gambler upset that he wasn’t winning took his frustrations out on security guards and machines. (Image: LM Cipolletti)

The angry man began to shout and insult the Casino del Río in Cipolletti, Río Negro, blaming it for his bad fortune. Faced with the outburst and the attention he stole from other customers, security personnel stepped in, urging him to calm down and avoid a major scandal.

It didn’t work, and his anger only continued to grow. It finally reached a tipping point when two bouncers intervened, only to find themselves the subject of his rage, as well.

Should Have Stayed Home

With the situation out of control, the security employees grabbed the man and threw him onto the floor. Another casino patron caught the action with her cell phone, which shows the two employees and another individual who appears to be wearing a police uniform.

The two in white shirts are trying to immobilize the wild gambler while the other handcuffs him. The men struggled with the intoxicated gambler, as captured by the phone’s camera, amid his continued grunts and protests.

The presence of the unidentified patron recording everything that was taking place was just as discomforting to security guards as that of the outraged gambler. Another two put themselves between her and the scene and tried to get her to stop, but she refused.

One of them tried to snatch the woman’s cell phone, but failed, although he hit her twice. Amid the screams and the swarm of people in white shirts, he tells the woman that she would be banned from entering the casino.

At the end of the recording, before the guards removed their handcuffed gambler, another woman appeared on the recording, reportedly a casino employee. She began arguing with the impromptu reporter, telling her to leave the property.

It can only be assumed that she – as well as the guest who started the ruckus – were out the door soon after. The recording stopped at this point, but the evidence of the guard’s attack could reappear later.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

The gambler picked the wrong venue if he had wanted to strike it rich. Despite the long drive, he would have been better off visiting a casino in Mendoza 500 miles away.

On Tuesday, at the Arena Maipú casino complex, a gambler decided to try her luck on a progressive jackpot slot machine around 10 PM. It paid off, as she won over ARS3,608,324 (almost US$19,000).

The casino said in a statement that it was one of the largest prizes any casino in the country has ever awarded. The winner wasn’t even a regular – she only went to the casino in search of “temporary entertainment,” according to comments she made.

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